Crested Ibis S1

Size:48 x 26 x 56mm


Net Weight:60g

510 connector and chips both imported from United Kingdom

Short Circuit Protection:(0.08±0.01)Ω,if it is lower than this,LED light twinkle 3 times to

stop the power for mosfet。

Low Voltage Protection:3.1-4.2V  when the voltage is lower than 3.1±0.1V,LED light twinkle10 times to stop the power for mosfet

Reverse Polarity Protection: Mod will auto fire but board will not burn out.

Press the fire button 5 times continuously, the power will be on/off,and LED light twinkle 5 times


Crested Ibis S1

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Crested Ibis S1 white: standard
Crested Ibis S1 black: standard